Adjusting the AFC ("Star Wheel") on a 98 12v CTD engine

    For right now I am not gonna get into *why* you would do this, but if you want to, here is a short description of how:

CTD-AFCadjustment1.jpg (152782 bytes) This is what I am working on - my own 98 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, 12v version.  What you are looking for is behind and slightly under my PrimeLoc fuel filter relocation kit.
CTD-AFCadjustment2.jpg (153985 bytes) Here are the only tools I used:  an 8mm allen head driver (allen wrench) and anything handy to be used in turning the star wheel...  I happened to have a paint can opener handy so I used that, a small flat head screwdriver would work wonderfully as well.
CTD-AFCadjustment3.jpg (158292 bytes) This is where you will be doing the work.  You can see near the center of the picture (just above the wire loom) the allen head plug that needs to be removed.
CTD-AFCadjustment4.jpg (148669 bytes) Removing...
CTD-AFCadjustment5.jpg (146840 bytes) Be sure you don't drop the sealing washer as you take the cap out of the housing.
CTD-AFCadjustment6.jpg (153746 bytes) Not the best picture, but you can see inside there is a spring, and "star wheel" used for adjustment.  If you are looking at the housing just like this picture shows, you rotate the wheel UP to add fuel, and DOWN to reduce fuel.  If you can't understand that - you are beyond help (lol).
CTD-AFCadjustment7.jpg (144328 bytes) Here I am using my tool of choice to move the wheel a few clicks at a time.  After a few seconds of fooling around in there, you will get a feel for moving the wheel.
CTD-AFCadjustment8.jpg (142007 bytes) That's it!  Re-install the cap and washer, tighten, and check your results.  You may have to go back in and adjust one way or the other to suit your preference, but after the first time you will literally be able to do this in less than a minute.  Enjoy!


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