Yes, you read that correctly.  Richard Charles figured out a way to keep the factory A/C on his 88 22RE truck and also install second compressor to feed an onboard air system.

Air compressor bracket.jpg (164139 bytes)   Air compressor on bracket.jpg (183046 bytes)

    Recently, Richard had his engine out for some work - here is another picture of the idler bracket for the second compressor (the block is on an engine stand, upside-down)

r-c-air1.jpg (60713 bytes)

    In the mean time, I do know that this project involved lots of time to get the brackets right.  It took several fittings to find the best position for the compressor, as well as a pulley system that would be acceptable.   The second compressor is located on the passenger side of the engine at the bottom.   a generic idler pulley was arranged to get a belt to work the system.  The compressor feeds 2 retired fire extinguisher bottles located in the bed of the truck - one on each side.

r-c-airtank.jpg (28353 bytes)


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