A Little About Me

    My name is David Moore, and welcome to my website.  I started this site in 1998 as a way to share with the world my hobby of driving and working on 4 wheel drive vehicles.  This site was originally centered around my 1990 Toyota truck and how I took it from stock to highly modified, but as the years rolled on I added more info to cover other areas, plenty of pictures from off road outings, and even moved on to the build ups of other vehicles.  I currently have a 1987 Toyota 4Runner, which you will see plenty of on these pages.

I live in Tennessee, and like to hit the trails in this state and surrounding states.  With two off road parks each just 30 minutes from my house, I have found that lately I spend more time close to home, but occasionally I wander off to ride elsewhere.

I am cheap by nature - and try to include fabrications of my own that can help someone else save a buck and do it themselves, rather than paying someone else to build something for them.  I also have a lot of friends who end up working out my my shop, and I try to include some of their work as well.  I hope you find my site entertaining, and informative.


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