Air Tank Under Bed

    Adding an on-board air supply can be a handy thing on the road and trail.  Trevor took advantage of the unused space under the bed of his 85 Toy where the spare tire used to be located.  He cut and modified the brackets that hold the spare tire crank in place so that the tank was now permanently welded to them, yet easily removable with just a few bolts.  His 3" body lift also meant that the tank could be tucked pretty far up under the bed, further reducing the chance it can get hung up when off road.

T_air_tank.JPG (44509 bytes)

The tank is one salvaged from a shop compressor & tank combo that the compressor had died long ago.  He plumbed the air hose & quick disconnect to a handy place - behind the gas filler door.  Here the quick disconnect will be better protected from the elements than an exposed disconnect. 

T_air_outlet.JPG (35075 bytes)

The tank holds air well past 100 p.s.i., and the large volume of air held in the tank means that this on-board air setup is quite useful.  Trevor is planning to add a compressor - most likely electric -  to feed the tank in the near future, look for details to be added here. 

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