Table Mesa, Arizona

May 17, 2003

I was fortunate enough during a recent vacation to be able to ride (and drive) along on some of the best trails in the area just north of Phoenix Arizona.  I will be adding full details of the trip later, but for now, here are the pics...

These first two pics are the rental Jeep we took out on the Forest Service roads just outside of Sedona, AZ.  It turns out we were on the same trails the local Jeep tours actually have people pay to see...  Boy, they are not seeing what AZ *really* has to offer, as can bee seen in the later pics!

Check out for more pics of the ride.

AZ-trip-50.jpg (884371 bytes) AZ-trip-51.jpg (923784 bytes)

On to the *real* trails...

AZ-trip-53.jpg (926783 bytes) AZ-trip-54.jpg (157643 bytes) AZ-trip-55.jpg (155051 bytes) AZ-trip-56.jpg (156889 bytes)

AZ-trip-57.jpg (158289 bytes) AZ-trip-58.jpg (151359 bytes) AZ-trip-59.jpg (156636 bytes) AZ-trip-60.jpg (159985 bytes)

AZ-trip-61.jpg (156879 bytes) AZ-trip-62.jpg (158986 bytes) AZ-trip-63.jpg (153018 bytes) AZ-trip-64.jpg (154428 bytes)

AZ-trip-65.jpg (158674 bytes) AZ-trip-66.jpg (157462 bytes) AZ-trip-67.jpg (155688 bytes)

Video Clips too!

AZ-trip-01v.mpg (496kb, 22 sec. long)
AZ-trip-02v.mpg (184kb, 8 sec. long)
AZ-trip-03v.mpg (1216kb, 54 sec. long)


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