Black Muddy Goat Squirrel

Strange name, huh?  Well, you start out at on the Goat Track, head in at Squirrel Camp, head down the Black Muddy Road until you get back to the Goat.   Make sense now? :)

This was my first trip after the solid axle swap, and I was pretty anxious to see how it would perform.  I was really happy and the truck did very well, except that I managed to pull the front driveshaft apart because of too much front suspension travel.  I guess a long travel front driveshaft will be ordered soon...

We had a nice small group, and we moved pretty fast all day.   This trail is rated about a 2.5 or a 3 depending on if it is wet(on a 1/easiest to 5/hardest scale).  After the actual trail, we were able to hit a few more difficult obstacles.  The Back Side of the Tunnel was one, as well as the Stair Steps.  It was dark when we left the Stair Steps, so we called it a day.

Here is a quick list of the vehicles in our group (with as much info as I remember about some of the new people):

-YJ, rear 9", front 44, f&r Detroits, Mopar EFI 4.2L, Atlas II case, 38x16 swampers

-YJ, stock axles, locked front & rear, 34x9.5 swampers, 4 cyl.

-Early Bronco, stock rear 9" front 44, locked rear, 36x12.5 TSL SX swampers

-CJ7, locked f&r (I think), 33 or 35" M/T's

-CJ7, stock axles, locked f&r, 35x14.5 boggers

-Jeep J10 truck, Holley EFI 4.2L, T18, locked f&r, 36x12.5 swampers

-CJ7, Scout 44's f&r, ARB's f&r, built 327, 38.5x11 boggers

-Toyota truck, 8" f&r, locked f&r, 35x16 boggers, Marlin


Sorry, some of the pics came out a bit dark...

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