Buggy Leaf & Track Bar

    Trevor was looking to get more flex out of the rear of his 85 Toy, so one afternoon he whipped up a buggy leaf system.  The leaves used were main leaves from an Isuzu truck that he just happened to have laying around.  Once he had torched off the old shackle hangers, he used U bolts & a centering pin to attach the leaf to the frame.  To help keep the buggy leaf from banging against the frame, he used teflon blocks cut to fit the eye of the spring, giving it something to rest against when on the frame.

T_buggy_1.JPG (40568 bytes)   T_buggy_2.JPG (41116 bytes)

    To help keep the rear end centered under the truck, Trevor also fabricated a track bar for the rear.  He used the torque rod bracket that he had previously removed from the front of his Toyota axle and mounted it sideways on the driver's side of the rear axle, near the spring pack.  Using the end of the stock Toyota front torque bar he mated it to a common tie rod end with some tubing, and attached the other end to the frame on the passenger side of the truck.

T_susp_03.JPG (44334 bytes)   T_susp_02.JPG (38652 bytes)


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