CB in the Ashtray

(1989-1995 Trucks)

    After seeing several people do this, I thought it was the perfect place to put the CB.  After all, I don't smoke, and don't like others smoking in my truck.  I used the Cobra Ultra 19 model, but I have heard of others that will fit also.

    For mine, I removed the ash tray, then removed the unit that the ash tray slides on.  In the back of the area I use a knife to cut some plastic to allow room for the wiring and for the CB to slide all the way in.  I found that the plastic in the back actually holds the CB in place, and I don't have any screws or other fasteners holding it in place. 

    Since this CB has a bottom firing speaker, I attached a small external CB speaker to the side of my CB amp.  I really like the way this has worked out, and it hasn't given me any problems since I have had it this way.

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