Common Part Numbers

I have noticed that there are always people looking for part numbers for common repair or upgrade parts for their Toyota.  I will try to add as many of these here in one place to make it easy to reference when you need the info.

If you have any commonly looked for part numbers that you think should be here, or see any corrections I need to make, drop me an email and let me know.

NOTE:  Please do not assume these parts are correct for your vehicle and use.  Double check any part numbers you find here to make sure they will work for you.

Part Description

Details Part Number
Rear spring hanger From 89-95 trucks (driver side) 48415-35050
Rear spring hanger From 89-95 trucks (passenger side) 48414-35120
Replacement brake line (Napa) 23" long one piece front line 38688
Brake line extension (Napa) 8"-10" extension for front or rear 77210
Shock Mounts (Ford) Used for long travel front shocks E5TZ-18183-A
Birfield outer snap ring Reusable 90520-28036
Birfield inner snap ring Single-use 90520-27091
Nissan differential breather Used for extending breather lines 38323-C6010
Starter contact repair kit 22R, 22RE, V6 28226-72010
Torsion bar adjuster bolt 86-88 truck, 89 4Runner 90101-12104
Torsion bar adjuster nut  86-88 truck, 89 4Runner 90170-12025
Torsion bar adjuster lock nut  86-88 truck, 89 4Runner 90170-12004
Torsion bar adjuster bolt 89-95 truck & 4Runner 90101-12159
Torsion bar adjuster nut  89-95 truck & 4Runner 90179-12074
IFS Idler arm bushings Set of 2 90386-19005
Shift lever bushing V6 5 speed 33548-31010
Shift lever seat V6 5 speed 33505-35020
Factory dash accessory switch Fits dash cutouts 00550-35976
Allen head magnetic diff drain plug Replaces stock hex head drain plug 90341-18021


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