Creek Bed #5

Although I did not bring my Toy for this ride, I was glad I hitched a ride and still got to see the trail.  This was my first time to ride Creek Bed #5 (a.k.a. Brian's Creek Bed) and I was loving it.  Some of the stuff was simply impossibly for rigs with tires smaller than 40" and the slick conditions means crawling the obstacles was impossible for most of the trail.  Check out the pictures and video clips and see what you think...

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Video Clip #1 cb5-v-1.mpg (168KB, 7 seconds) Dwight come up one of the ledges in his Blazer.

Video Clip #2 cb5-v-2.mpg (120KB, 5 seconds) Dwight continues up the ledges.

Video Clip #3 cb5-v-3.mpg (592KB, 26 seconds) Brian Boyd plays on the same ledges in his Hybrid.

Video Clip #4 cb5-v-4.mpg (120KB, 5 seconds) Bill shows that a big block "cow-ma-flodge" Chevy can play too.

Video Clip #5 cb5-v-5.mpg (248KB, 11 seconds) Greg Fox uses his usual finesse to make it up the ledges, while pulling a tire off the ground... more than once...

Video Clip #6 cb5-v-6.mpg (296KB, 13 seconds) Dwight makes this HUGE ledge look easy (wish I had gotten the shot of him popping the rear up the ledge the same way!) 



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