Custom  Crossover "High Steering" Conversion

After years of fighting with the stock steering on a lifted Toyota truck, Trevor finally decided to switch over to a crossover type steering arrangement.

He built the entire thing himself, including the custom arms, tie rod, drag link, and pitman arm.  An IFS steering box was used, as was an IFS pitman arm.  The "high steering" arms are based off of the factory arms.  they accept spherical rod ends (heim joints) in a 3/4" shank, 3/4" bore size and 1.25" OD tube with 1/4" wall.  The drag link is made using parts from the factory push-pull drag link, and the same 1.25" OD tube.

Yet another version is presently in the works, that will replace the smaller Toyota ends on the drag link with custom units of similar design but much larger and built specifically for Trevor's application.  Look for more info and pictures soon...

tcross-01.jpg (38762 bytes) tcross-02.jpg (51655 bytes) tcross-03.jpg (55475 bytes) tcross-04.jpg (56443 bytes)

If you are interesting in crossover steering for your own truck, you may also find another page I have put together containing a variety of crossover steering info very helpful.


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