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Here you will find a few of the custom fabricated products we make & sell.   Feel free to contact me about any of these if you are interested.

Standard Disclaimer: These parts are sold and intended for use on off road vehicles only.  You are responsible for ensuring that all modifications to your off road vehicle are safe and well maintained.  Be aware that these are custom parts - and may require other modifications to your vehicle for them to work for your specific needs.


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High Clearance Toyota Crossover Steering Arms

These are a welded together high clearance steering arm built off of a set of stock steering arms.  They are tapered for Dana 44 tie rod ends which are strong and available at any parts store.  We can also drill these for 5/8, 3/4, or 1" heim joints/rod ends if you chose.  They connect using the stock studs and cone washers, and the arms are high enough that there should be no clearance issues even with thick spring packs.


 $220 per pair (plus stock arms as cores)


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Transfer Case Crossmember Plates

Many people like this method of gaining ground clearance under the transfer case but lack the time and tools to cut the center plate.  Simply use our plate and build out from there to fit your own truck.  Contact us if you want a complete cross-member built, or are interested in a skid plate as well.


$80 for standard version

$85 for tabbed version


Solid Axle Swap Drop Crossmember

I have been using this on my truck for over 3 years.  It allows you to build lift into the hangers, letting you run stock or lower arched springs.  These can be built with anywhere from 0" to 3.5" of lift depending on your needs and application.






Adjustable Long Travel Shock Towers


These custom shock towers are fully adjustable over a range of settings by moving the upper mount pin to one of 6 pre-drilled holes.  This will let you tune your shock height to take full advantage of your suspension needs.  The upper pin also uses a quick release pin for ease of shock removal if necessary.




$85 per pair


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