Custom Shock Towers

After seeing all of the other ways that long travel shocks have been built on Toyota trucks - custom hoops, Ford mounts, etc. - Trevor decided to go a little different route.  These mounts were installed on an 85 Toyota truck with a 3" body lift, and the shocks used were Rancho RS9012's.  His shock mounts are completely custom, and of his own design.  The design allows for a completely adjustable upper shock mount by simply moving the pin into one of the 6 holes.

towers_01.JPG (71589 bytes)

Installation was fairly simple, and started with removal of the stock shock mounts.  For this, we used a torch, and a grinder was used to prep the frame for the new mounts.

towers_02.JPG (48817 bytes)   towers_03.JPG (59789 bytes)   towers_04.JPG (55516 bytes)

Once the frame was ready, we had to cut the inner fender liner to allow room for the shocks & towers.  The towers were then tack welded in place, checked for placement, and then the final welds were completed.

towers_05.JPG (47400 bytes)   towers_06.JPG (48453 bytes)

A little paint, then the shocks were installed and were ready to go!

towers_07.JPG (57210 bytes)

The shock is held in place with a quick release pin and some steel spacers to locate the upper end of the shock in the correct position.

towers_08.JPG (59060 bytes)   towers_09.JPG (55241 bytes)

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