Custom Winch Bumper

Ok, this is really low... I was driving around Nashville on lunch break, and saw this Toyota with a sweet front bumper at a construction site.  Being the low person I am, I snapped some pictures with the digital camera and am posting them here for the world to see.

I don't know anything about it, or who made it, or even how to get in touch with the guy.  Maybe these pics will help someone build their own bumper.   I think it looks pretty good - and makes an ARB or TJM look wimpy!

It does look like they copied the ARB/TJM style of mounting the bumper with a sleeve over the front crossmember.  Also, this bumper was obviously made for a winch (see the cutout in the top for full winch access) but the cutout for the roller fairlead has yet to be added.  I like the way the tube wraps around the bumper for grill protection - it looks different than other designs, and I like it.

bumper_01.jpg (34959 bytes)   bumper_02.jpg (48859 bytes)   bumper_03.jpg (53165 bytes)   bumper_04.jpg (51089 bytes)


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