External Cage

Some time back I was contacted through email and someone sent me these pictures of the truck they were working on.  I was never able to get back in touch with them (the email address came back as invalid) but I thought others would like to see his version of an external cage.  If these pictures belong to you or someone you know, contact me and let me know - I will remove them or add your credits to the page - whatever you like...

exocage-01.jpg (37349 bytes) exocage-02.jpg (38095 bytes) exocage-03.jpg (40346 bytes) exocage-04.jpg (45450 bytes)

exocage-05.jpg (37963 bytes) exocage-06.jpg (29655 bytes) exocage-07.jpg (33521 bytes) exocage-08.jpg (47408 bytes)

exocage-09.jpg (34413 bytes) exocage-10.jpg (34739 bytes)


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