Yet again, I was unable to attend, but I thought I would post a few pictures from others who were there.  As always, Tellico at it's finest!

(If you have GSMTR 2001 pictures and would like a place to put them - I will be gladd to add yours here too)

bab_bam_on_ledge_at_lower2_gsmtr01.jpg (94468 bytes) chad_on_hardrock_gsmtr01.jpg (84881 bytes) chad_on_helopad_gsmtr01.jpg (76260 bytes) hal_on_guardrail_gsmtr01.jpg (111655 bytes)

joe_fains_ford_gsmtr01.jpg (450079 bytes) mike_on_hardrock_gsmtr01.jpg (65790 bytes) mike_on_helopad_gsmtr01.jpg (65482 bytes) paul_gsmtr01.jpg (171598 bytes)

paul_on_guardrail1_gsmtr01.jpg (334560 bytes) paul_on_guardrail2_gsmtr01.jpg (253209 bytes) paul_on_helopad_gsmtr01.jpg (83888 bytes) paul_on_lower2_gsmtr01.jpg (142796 bytes)

paul_on_trail9a_gsmtr01.jpg (411840 bytes) paul_on_trail9b_gsmtr01.jpg (220905 bytes) rearend_gsmtr01.jpg (125609 bytes)

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