H1 (Hummer) Rim Disassembly

Having been running H1 (Hummer) rims for several years, I've had the opportunity to assemble and break down more than a few sets.  Over that time, I came up with what I found to be one of the quickest and easiest methods to dismount tires from rims that - due to their design - seem to really want to "stick" to the tires.  You will see from the pictures that this probably works better for re-centered rims, but will also work for stock H1 rims as well.

Basically, you need 3 tools for this project (aside from the obvious need for a socket set to disassemble the nuts holding the rim halves together).

Yes, that's right: a 5 gallon bucket, a block of wood, and a large swinging tool of some kind (we're using the blunt edge, not the sharp one BTW).

Obviously start by removing the 12 (or 8) nuts that hold the rim halves together.  Once that is done, place the bucket against the face of rim and then stand the rim up on the bucket.

From here a few well placed blows to the tire sidewall near the rim edge is all it takes to break it loose.

Once you have that piece loose, often the front half of the rim will be stuck to the tire as well.  This is where the block of wood can be used.

Again, a few well placed blows with the BFH is all it takes to separate the tire from the rim.


From there, you can remove your particular flavor of insert and you're done.


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