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Header Instalation Report



Product: 22RE Pro Street header

Company: L.C. Engineering

Price: $300 (Included shipping)


The header is a fully ceramic-coated unit with a 2.5" outlet. The header outlet is a flange mount, and includes a ceramic-coated connector pipe to attach to the catalytic converter. This pipe had the proper fitting for installing the O2 sensor (This may be different between models).


I had purchased this header because I was destroying stock Y pipes and had a cracked manifold. I am using a stock 22RE motor with 130,000 miles, a K&N drop in filter, a Performance Products free flow cat, and the Rancho Dual Powerflow exhaust system (flow through mufflers & 2" pipes).


The installation went without any problems. I did have to replace one manifold stud (previously broken) and I also replaced all of the nuts for the header with new Toyota items. The header kit did come with gaskets, but I found that I needed to purchase one more gasket for the EGR tube. Again, due to the variations in 22RE configurations – I don’t hold this against them. I found it was also necessary to remove one heat shield for the torsion bar assembly in order to get the header into position. This shield was reinstalled once the header was positioned. This header should bolt directly to a catalytic converter in the stock location, and required no exhaust changes.


In my case the header was most evident from 2700 to 4500 rpm’s. I was a little disappointed that the power increase was so high in the rpm band, but L.C. Engineering says that the addition of a header (mid to high), cam (low), and overbore throttle body (response) will give the best across the board gains. There was some additional noise from the engine compartment, a slight metallic sound at low rpm’s. There was no increase in exhaust sound at idle, but in the higher rpm’s it literally screams (with the exhaust I have). I have heard that If I went to a single exhaust with 2" tube, I would experience more of the header’s benefits in the lower rpm’s (torque).

Over all, I am very happy with the header. It was easy to install, has not leaked (6 months so far), and the ceramic coating looks to be a great way to keep the header around for a long time.



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