Custom Low Profile Crossmember


With the addition of an Advance Adapters Crawler dual case unit, Trevor was looking for a way to modify the stock transmission crossmember to allow the use of a non-CV front driveshaft. After seeing some pictures of Front Range Off Road’s design for a nice low profile crossmember design that would meet Trevor’s needs, he decided to set to work building one. But instead of copying FROR’s exact design, a few changes were made to meet the specific needs of Trevor’s truck.

The Basic method of attachment is the same: the crossmember is bolted to the rear tail housing of the transfer case and uses a rubber bushing mount on either frame rail. But instead of a solid plate piece, Trevor used a plasma cutter to create just the central plate that would both on to the transfer case. Once that was bolted to the transfer case under the truck, We figured out where the frame mount brackets needed to be located, and from there is was just a matter of connecting the two.

crossmember-01.jpg (58743 bytes)

One of the reasons FROR’s exact design would not have worked here was the location of the exhaust pipe. Instead of re-routing the exhaust, Trevor decided to go with a tube type support system.

Using thick walled pipe, the design is a simple bent pipe that goes from frame mount to frame mount across the top of the central mounting plate. To support that, a second pipe was bent to follow the bottom contours of the plate and tie in as far out on the main upper tube as possible. On the passenger side we were able to go all the way out to the frame mount, but on the driver’s side the exhaust only allowed the lower tube to attach part way to the frame. A triangular plate steel brace was welded in place here for support.

crossmember-02.jpg (67197 bytes) crossmember-03.jpg (56734 bytes) crossmember-04.jpg (55675 bytes)

On a side note, my $70 Harbor Freight pipe bender worked extremely well here… bending pipe at least ;-)

For the frame mounts, brackets were welded to the frame and matching brackets attacked to the ends of the tube. Bushings were a rubber type 3/8" thick biscuit that was stacked to adjust the height of the crossmember and transfer case assembly. There is almost a 3" range of adjustment available with these bushings.

All that was left to do was paint the crossmember and bolt it into place.

crossmember-05.jpg (64827 bytes) crossmember-06.jpg (63863 bytes)

As can be seen, this type of mount leaves the underside of the transmission and transfer case(s) exposed to possible damage. Look for additional pictures and information on the custom skid plate to be added very shortly.



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