Low Profile Front Winch Bumper

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After several years of running a modified double tube front bumper - similar to a Smittybuilt - and winch, Trevor decided to try something different.  After looking around in the magazines and on the web, he settled on a design very similar to the ones All Pro Off Road builds and sells.  This design has appealed to many people since it offers light weight, clean looking front end protection as well as the ability to mount a winch.

So after looking at a few pictures, Trevor came up with what is seen here.  The bumper offers much better clearance than his previous one, and is much lighter as well.  The bumper will accept any of the common winches on the market today.  Trevor also built his own roller fairlead to be able to tuck it up as close to the bumper as possible.

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The upper hoop offers a great place for a pair of off road lights as well as a place to mount the jumper cable plug for easy access when it is needed.  Trevor is still working on relocation of the turn signals, but is very happy with the results of this bumper project.

Look for additional information about a corresponding rear bumper soon...


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