New Market Creek Trail

a.k.a. Steve's Creekbed

We had 4 vehicles show up for this creek bed trail just outside of New Market, Alabama on Saturday August 19, 2000.  I was in my solid axle 1990 Toyota truck, Trevor was in his 85 Toyota Xtracab, Steve was in his Suburban, and Brian was in his S10 cabbed Hybrid.

Steve had said this was a fun trail, and we were not to be disappointed.  It was several miles of easy trails to get back to the section we were going to run that day, but it took no time at all.  From start to finish this section of the trail is only about 7/8's of a mile long - and solid rock the whole way.  There are some pretty challenging sections, and some option sections that are really technical and require a spotter.

Unfortunately our day was not without breakage.  Steve's front driveshaft went south - likely due to a thrown clip.  Brian's brand new front Dana 60 Detroit locker called it quits near the end of the trail as well.  I managed to almost completely rip one of my exhaust pipes off and bead the flatbed pretty well all day, not to mention tearing at my front fenders all day with the boggers flexed out.  Trevor - much to his happiness - managed to make it out of the woods without any breakage.

As usual the pictures don't do some of the obstacle justice.  Some big ledges, deep holes, and large boulders made for some technical work most of the day.  At one point I managed to spot Steve's suburban into a pretty twisted up situation.  If you have never seen a Suburban pull a 44" front tire over 4 feet off the ground - you are truly missing out.

All in all it was a great day of wheeling.  I want to thank Steve for showing us one of the great trails that Alabama has to offer - and I would love to run it again soon.

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