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For several years outside of Summertown, TN there has been an informal "gathering" on New Years Day of off-roaders looking for a fun day to play.  This year this gathering was organized, and was hosted on close to 500 acres of land with custom cut trails.  The turnout was HUGE, and although it was difficult to get everyone pointed to the trails, some time after 9 am everyone headed out to see what the land had to offer.

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Video Clip #1: nyd-1v.mpg - 488 KB, 21 sec. (360 degree panoramic movie clip of the hundreds of vehicles gathered in the staging area)

Perhaps I should mention that the night before had dumped close to 3" of fresh snow across the mid-state, leaving the trail conditions a little different that the usual muddy hill climbs.  As soon as we hit the trail we were faced with frozen dirt & clay covered by a layer of very slick snow.  The deep cut trails, side hills, root embedded banks, and steep climbs and descents combined with the snow to make for a very tricky day.

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Our group only really got to complete one trail all morning - getting done repairing a broken truck at about 2 pm.  Most in our group suffered some body damage from the tight trails through deep cut ravines.  Some 3' deep mud holes scattered along the way made the already snow slick trails even more fun.  In just the vehicles I was around I saw several close roll-overs, lots of body damage, some side flops, and everything from burnt up winches to having a winch torn off the frame of one Land Cruiser.

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Video Clip #2: nyd-2v.mpg - 224 KB, 10 sec. (Peter's hybrid pulling up through a section in the ravine trail)

I had to head home early, but I am pretty sure I will be going back.  The land owner is working to make this a year round off road pay-to-ride park and is trying hard to create the kinds of trails users of all levels want.

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