Overall Width Calculator

Below you will find a calculator that will allow you to plug in the numbers to arrive at an estimate of the overall width of a specific axle/wheel/tire setup.  Your actually sidewall to sidewall measurement will be slightly wider due to sidewall bulge - which is not easily worked into a calculator like this.  You can use this tool to compare various combinations of wheels, backspacing, tire, and axle widths to get an overall width that works for you.  

If you cannot get either of these calculators to work, you can do the math yourself.

Overall width = AW + 2*(WW - BS) + TW - WW

  Overall Width Calculator 
Axle Width (WMS to WMS): 
Wheel Backspacing: 
Wheel Width: 
Tire Width: 
Total Width: 

(All measurements are in inches)

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Axle Width (WMS to WMS) - this is the distance from where the wheel sits flat against the hub/rotor assembly on one side to the same surface on the other side of an axle.  If you are using wheel spacers or any kind, they should be included in this total width as well (for example:  60" WMS to WMS with 1" spacers on each side = 62" WMS to WMS).

Wheel Backspacing - this is the distance measured from the inside (or back side) of the wheel edge towards the center of the wheel where the wheel contacts the hub/rotor assembly when mounted on the vehicle.

Wheel Width - this is the overall advertised width of your wheel.

Tire Width - This is the overall tread width measurement of the tire.



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