The Pegram Power Lines

August 6, 2000

Trevor and I were finally able to find some time to get back out to the power line trails in Pegram, TN.  Heavy ice storms last winter had really damaged the trails, but we got word most of the trees had been cleared and decided to see how the trails had changed.

The trails were pretty much the same, but some places had by-passes cut to go around some huge fallen trees.  The trail starts off following several power line hills, then turns down into a ravine where most of the trails criss-cross a rock creek bed.  The lower portion of land is on state wildlife refuge property, and all trails are considered open unless signs say they are closed (how they should be!).

Most of the trails are pretty easy, but there are a few tough spots where aggressive tires and lockers front and rear are necessary to play.  When you first start the trail, there is a steep, loose rock and dirt strewn stair step section that ends and then starts directly back up the other side.  This part is rough enough coming in, but knowing when you get ready to leave you will have to come back out is even worse.  You follow several of these up and down power line hills, then you cut over into the forest for a little shade.  Here you have another steep trail that leads down to the creek bed.  This is not a place you want to be when it is very wet, as there are some places you must drive on a side-hill, and the wet leaves under your tires will slide you right into the trees.  The final few yards to the creek bed are pretty rough too - more loose, washed-out, rocky steps.  You can then travel up the creek bed or the trails that cross it numerous times.

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We made it up the creek almost to our destination - the waterfall - but our progress was halted by a large tree across the trail.  With a little digging and some careful driving we were able to squeeze underneath in our trucks.  Trevor now has two small dimples on the roof of his truck to prove what a tight fit it was.

Once past the fallen tree, we were able to reach the obstacle known as the waterfall.  This obstacle is in a creek bed roughly 20 feet wide.  There is a large undercut shelf that is at a 45 degree angle to the creek that comes almost all the way across.  It is roughly 2' tall (more than halfway over my 35" boggers).  Directly behind this shelf is a depression of about 1', then the rock turns back up and makes a nice 4' tall waterfall that goes all the way across the creek.  Moss covered and with water running, this section of the waterfall offers the least traction.  The line to take is to come at the lower shelf on the far right, then use the moss covered waterfall to pivot around to climb the waterfall at more of an angle back on the left side, using some roots to climb up.

I was able to spot Trevor up the obstacle and get some great shots in the process.

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After Trevor it was my turn.  I gave Trevor the digital camera and was hoping to get a video clip of me climbing the waterfall.  Due to some technical difficulties (":mash" the button Trevor!) we only got a short clip on "Take 1" of our video shoot.  So, I turned around, and came back down the waterfall, then lined back up for "Take 2" (coming down was interesting too).  

pegram-12.JPG (91600 bytes)

Unfortunately again, technical difficulties meant a no-go on the video clip.  This time I found a way to loop back around and make a pass on the waterfall again for "Take 3".  And it's good!  We got a full 39 seconds of me clawing my way up the waterfall.  You will hear 3 main things: 1. Trevor saying "hold it" ??? 2. My boggers clicking away at the front fenders (gotta trim those) 3. the boggers grabbing at the rock shelves.... too cool!

"Take 2" - a short clip (15 sec, 336k) of me climbing the last part of the waterfall

"Take 3" - a long clip (39 sec, 872k) of me climbing the whole waterfall obstacle

After the waterfall we decided to make our way back out and head home.  We had to work a little to get back under the tree - Trevor actually had to do it in reverse to get the cab to fit under it again (I told you it was a tight fit!).  The loose climb back out of the creek bed headed up to the power lines made us thankful for front and rear lockers, and the last climb out to the trail head meant liberal use of the skinny pedal to make it over the numerous 2' tall rock ledges.

Overall it was a great day on the trail.  Neither Trevor or I had been able to make it out in the woods for months, and a relaxing afternoon on a good trail was just what we needed.  We plan to head back next weekend and clear some more fallen trees to open up some of the other obstacles.


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