Pneumatic Parking Brake

You can chalk this up to another one of Trevor's late night ideas...

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Since swapping to an IFS rear axle, Trevor had modified the factory rear emergency/parking brake to work, but was never happy with it's performance.  He had tried one of the Jamar brand line locks sold through J.C. Whitney.  Needless to say, he was less than impressed with it's questionable holding ability and constant leaking.

 Using some parts he had around the shop, he came up with a pretty trick way to have a more efficient parking brake.  He used the stock drum brakes and e-brake actuator arms, making this an easy bolt on system.  the rest of the system is comprised of a pneumatic cylinder mounted near the right rear wheel, some stainless rod, air lines, air valve, and an air supply.

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Using a valve, the cylinder pulls on the rod and activates the rear brakes.  Some chain master links are used to attach the rod to the brake levers, and the rod can be adjusted with a coupling near the cylinder.  A bracket and sleeve in the center keeps the rod straight and operating smoothly.  With over 100 lbs. of pressure available to hold the rear brakes, you can be sure they will hold every time.

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Another benefit to this brake is that by using the factory brake assembly, you are always adjusting the rear brakes to work properly.  This Parking brake setup not only holds you on the steepest of trails, it also allows your normal brakes to do their job too.

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I hope to be able to post some pictures of the valve arrangement, and possibly a diagram of how this system is set up.


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