Previous 4x4's

   Although my current Toyota is my main 4x4, I have had a few others since I have been driving.  Here are some pictures of my past 4x4's, as well as a little history to go with them.  Also listed are other 4x4's I currently own (projects never end, do they?)

1990 Toyota 4x4

If you have visited this web site before, you are familiar with this truck.  Well, this truck is currently no more than a cab and a frame in my shop, with no current plans of it being built in the near future.  You can check out the old "Truck Specs" page here for a list of everything it had before being disassembled.  Ahhhh... memories :-(

1978 Chevrolet 4x4

drm_chevy_small.JPG (7373 bytes)

    I got this truck for Christmas before I turned 17.  It was a full time 4x4, short bed, with automatic, 350, roll bar & brush guard.  I added some round KC's on the roll bar, and some KC fog lights to the brush guard.  I really liked this truck, but it did give me some problems.   I had to have the engine replaced after about 6 months, and a 305 out of a Camaro was put in - big difference!  This is the truck that got me interested in 4 wheeling, although most of what I did in it was just playing around on the farm.  I really liked this truck, and wish I still had it.

   I sold this within a year, and my Toyota was purchased.  The reason?  I was planning to head out of state to college within a year, and I needed something more reliable.


1978 Jeep CJ5

drm_greencj5_small.JPG (9245 bytes)  

    This was purchased after it was decided that off roading in the Toy -  my main transportation - was not a good idea.  We really got taken on this one, and paid WAY too much for a beat up Jeep.   Still, it was a great learning experience to "live & learn" from.   It had a 304 V8, 3 speed, stock everything except for some 31" all terrains.   We replaced the rotten rear crossmember, installed new shackles, add-a-leaves, and poly bushings in the springs.  This Jeep offered my first experience into the Model 20 two piece axle design - more than once.  The thing had the sloppiest steering box, and was just shy of you-will-die dangerous on the road due to too much sway.  So, we installed a sway bar (before I even cared about travel).  Dad actually drove this CJ5 to Tellico from Nashville  in some mighty cold weather - not a trip we wish to repeat!  We eventually sold this CJ to an acquaintance for *almost* what we paid for it.


1976 Jeep CJ5

  drm_blackcj2_small.JPG (8631 bytes)

    Ahhh... my pretty little black CJ5.   I really miss this one, as you can see it is pretty nice (I tend to own beat-up things if you haven't noticed).  This one was my first real "deal" - we got it for $1200 in AL.  It had a bad 304, but a good paint job, decent top, and some nice tires.  Soon after we purchased a red CJ5 for parts, and swapped the engine & chrome wheels to the black one.  Again, it was set up with a 304, 3 speed, and stock axles.  Of course, I also replaced a Model 20 two piece shaft in this one after spinning a rear hub.  The 3" body lift made room for the 33x12.5 Mud Blasters, which were basically BFG M/T's. 

    I think this one was more of just a project, and we only took it on the trail once or twice.  This was also the only vehicle I ever added chrome to.  The front brush guard you see was intended for a full-size Chevy truck, but doesn't it look at home on the CJ?  After getting it running & looking like we wanted, we did the only logical thing: we sold it.  I guess it knew and wanted to pay us back, since the week before we were to tow it to Florida to the new buyer the tranny died and we had to swap in another complete front axle.  We made a few dollars on this one, which went directly to the next project...

    1982 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler

    Yes, this time we went for something a little longer.  The Scrambler had already been modified and came with a spring over, bald 36" swampers, 3500 lb. Warn winch, larger tube bumpers welded to the frame,  a tired 258 and a worn automatic tranny (stock 3.08 gears didn't help things).  So far we have done some minor maintenance work, had the 258 rebuilt, and swapped in a rebuilt tranny.  The bald swampers were tossed in favor of some 33x12.5 all terrains in order to help out the tranny.  Sold and moved on...

    1994 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4

davidm005.jpg (69917 bytes)

    Hey, I know this isn't technically what you were thinking of when I said 4x4, but this thing is such a blast I had to mention it.  I had grown up around 3 wheelers, go-carts, and motorcycles, but when I turned 20 I purchased my first 4 wheeler.  I picked it up used, and have not stopped enjoying it since.  It has had some rough times and break-downs (broken front CV in the pic - one not pulling), but that is mostly due to me slacking off on the routine maintenance.   This thing really goes, and even has 25" tall mud tires!  Hey, it even has a low range!  Anyway, it is a blast, and the little lady loves riding it almost more than I do.


Other Vehicles:

   Of course, I have owned a few other vehicles along the way.  Some were toys, some were projects, some were just for parts.  Here are all that I can remember:

  • 1979 Suzuki GS425 (semi-dressed with faring & hard side storage, stereo)

  • 1986 Suzuki 175 dirt bike (purchased from my cousin for $100, played with this one & sold it)

  • 1987 Toyota 4x4 truck (rolled by a friend; I bought it & parted it out)

  • 1972 Jeep CJ5 (parted out - engine & wheels went to the black CJ5 above)

  • 1978 Ford Bronco (351 modified, auto, 33's; sold to a friend)

  • 1981 Toyota 4x4 truck (22R engine, long bed; parting out since the axle is going in my 90 Toy)

  • 1988 Ford EXP (hey, it was $25)

  • 1985 Toyota 4x4 4Runner (rolled, purchased to sell for parts)




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