Project "4 Trucker" Buildup

All of this got started when Todd Cox purchased the old 81 Toy long bed I had for sale, as well as a 22RE engine and frame from an 85 4Runner I was parting out.  His plans to combine the two trucks has resulted in Project 4Trucker... (Man, I wish I had kept that 81!)

The frame from the 81 was rotten, and the 4Runner frame was in great condition so it was used as the platform to start this.  The Complete 22RE wiring harness was pulled from the rolled 4Runner and kept with the engine.  Then it was time to add the 81 cab & front clip (on custom body mounts) to the 4Runner frame.

Todd had the engine running now, but still has some work to do.  He is hoping to have it mobile before GSMTR this year - keep your fingers crossed...

Update 8/16/00:  Todd has the truck mobile!  He is presently working on a crossover steering setup using HySteer arms and a custom flatbed...

Update 9/18/00: Todd has started the flatbed...

Here are a few pictures he has sent me of his progress, as well as a list of the modifications done or that will be done in the coming weeks...


4truckerbed1.jpg (74857 bytes)

tc-gettingthere.jpg (101608 bytes)

4 Trucker


  • 1985 4Runner frame and stock 22RE engine 

  • 1981 Toyota cab and front clip 

  • Custom steel flatbed Custom bumpers & front Warn x8000i winch 

  • 5.5" Alcan front springs (Axle 1.5" forward) 

  • 64" long rear Chevy springs 

  • 5.29 gears, rear Detroit and front lockright 

  • 35x14 Boggers on 10" wheels

  • Custom crossover steering using All Pro HySteer arms

tc_truck.jpg (34536 bytes)

TC_engine swap.jpg (46387 bytes)

TC_spring swap.jpg (38865 bytes)
TC_springs.jpg (31564 bytes)


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