Project "Basket Case"

Update 03/10/06:  In case you didn't notice, these projects were sold several years ago - lol.

Update 10/16/00:  A few more pictures of the Scrambler parts pile... CJ8-11.jpg  CJ8-12.jpg   CJ8-13.jpg  CJ8-14.jpg

Update 10/13/00:  The Scrambler is here... or at least most of a Scrambler ;-)  I am still not sure if this is the platform I want to build on, a tube type buggy (similar to a Sniper) is looking like a possibility.

CJ8-01.jpg   CJ8-02.jpg  CJ8-03.jpg   CJ8-04.jpg  CJ8-05.jpg   CJ8-06.jpg  CJ8-07.jpg   CJ8-08.jpg  CJ8-09.jpg   CJ8-10.jpg

Update 09/19/00:   I have done some trading and will be picking up an 81 Scrambler frame and body for Project Basket Case as a new longer and more stylish platform to build on.  Never fear though - I managed to keep my "Jeep for Cheap" status in acquisition...

cj-project-03.JPG (67440 bytes)

Well, I went and did it... Instead of trying to build my Toy up any bigger, I found a smokin' deal on this here... well... Jeep!

It has a lot of the heavy duty parts I want for trail rig, but I will be the first to admit - it is a basket case for sure.  I don't even know if I will keep it all under a CJ5 frame and body - the wheelbase is just too short for my liking.

For now, I am just going to sit on it and not do too much.  I need to get he steering fixed so I can move it around the yard.  I am planning on building this one for cheap - and with so many good parts and not too much  invested, I am off to a good start...

I will be sure to update this as soon as I do any work on it.

cj-project-01.JPG (71464 bytes)   cj-project-04.JPG (80019 bytes) cj-project-05.JPG (61847 bytes) cj-project-07.JPG (66605 bytes)

cj-project-06.JPG (67766 bytes) cj-project-08.JPG (43617 bytes) cj-project-09.JPG (60968 bytes) cj-project-10.JPG (59175 bytes)

cj-project-11.JPG (74841 bytes) cj-project-02.JPG (57493 bytes)

What it's got (as far s I know at the moment)

CJ5, 3" body lift, spring over, 360, Holley carb, T18 4 speed (6.3:1 first gear), Dana 20 transfer case, Rear full floating full width Corp.14 bolt with unknown gears, Front Dana 44 full width with unknown gears, Superwinch hubs, 38.5x14.5 TSL/SX super swampers on 16.5x?? steel 8 lug wheels, Rancho RS5000 shocks, full cage, winch mount tube front bumper, and racing seats...  All coated in a wonderful military camo green...


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