Richard's Solid Axle Swap

    Richard tried to hold out and keep the IFS, but after getting tired of it's limitations, he went to a solid front axle.  Modifications include: All Pro Wide-track spacer kit, All Pro HySteer crossover steering kit, Alcan 5" lift front springs with the axle moved 1.5" forward,  Rancho 9012 front shocks, 4.88's and a Detroit.  I guess the 33x14 boggers are obvious ;)

In the pictures below,  Richard has not yet installed the 56" long rear Alcan springs to level the truck out. 

Solid Axle Truck.jpg (74683 bytes)   Solid Axle Truck 2.jpg (72471 bytes)

Here is a shot of the front suspension (hey, I just snap pics whenever I can)

r-c-axle.jpg (71865 bytes)


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