Rosser Rendezvous 97

    This was the first Rosser event I went to in the fall of 97.  On the first day we covered a really short trail with 2 major obstacles.   The first obstacle was a steep climb with a set of double steps you had to muscle over.  The second obstacle was an optional section I call the sandstone wash.   It is an interesting area that is about 100 yards long up the side of a hill.   The whole thing is sandstone, and offers some interesting (but out of place in TN) rock climbing. 

    The second day I got to hit a trail I had never been on before and had a pretty good time.  The area under the power lines was wide open and gave me a good idea if being able to ride in wide open :)  In some parts I was taking the washboard areas & dips at over 40 mph - very unusual here in TN (I liked it too!).  The last obstacle of the second day was a black mud pit that was pretty deep and gave everyone a chance to see if they could get stuck.  Most made it through ok, but one or two had to take the strap. 

Day 1

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Day 2

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