Rosser Rendezvous 99

Yet again, the Middle Tennessee Trail Runners have hosted a great Rosser Rendezvous.  I am not sure about the final count, but the best estimates I have heard put the numbers at just over 500 participating vehicles for the Memorial Day weekend event.

The following few pages are pictures & some commentaries on the 3 days of trails I was on.  The first day - Friday - was really an unofficial scouting run that some participants joined us on.  We ran the "St Mary's Black Muddy Goat Squirrel Trail", the trail I have been tailgunner on for 2 years.   This year we were showing another club member the way so he could lead it the next two days.

On Saturday & Sunday, Louie Belt & I led the Up the Creek Trail.  This is a great all rock trail that is at it's easiest a 3+ trail, and there are several level 5 obstacles if anyone feels they really want to play... hard.

All in all, it was a good weekend of riding.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and get an idea of what a great time we had.


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