Scout 800 Cage

One of my club members wanted to put a cage in his Scout 800 so we got together and this is what we came up with.  It was Jerry's first time bending tube, but he picked up on it fast and was turning out some nice bends in no time.

The front hoop is tied into the front body mount.  The B pillar hoop will be tied into future frame-mounted rock sliders.  The rear hoop will eventually have mounts down to the frame as well.

You can see one slanted bar from the B pillar back to the rear hoop currently strapped in place.  The final version has one of these on each side.  We also put in a cross bar behind the seats for additional strength and mounts for his harness shoulder straps, as well as a dash bar. 

These pics are from the test fitting, I will post up finished product pics once he has it fully welded and painted.


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