SFWDA 1st Quarter Meeting & Ride


sfwda_01.jpg (64699 bytes)      I was able to make it to the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association's 1st quarter meeting & trail ride the weekend of March 4-5.  My club, the Middle Tennessee Trail Runners was hosting the meeting, and leading trail rides for all of the visiting SFWDA members.  As always, MTTR led some great rides, and the previous day's wet weather added to the fun, pushing the difficulty level up for most of the rides.

    The trail I was on started off on the Goat track, went up Dodge Hill, down the Black Muddy Road, up St. Mary's, then back out to the Goat Track.  Since it was still early, and the meeting was not until 7 that night, we rolled on down the Goat Track and came up the trail to the Stair Steps for a final obstacle before heading back to civilization.

    Our group consisted of some pretty well built rigs, with all having at least 35" mud tires or larger, a rear locker, and a front locker or limited slip.  Those with front limited slips were sure wishing they had full lockers for all the tough rock climbs covered in mud.

    Our relatively small group made pretty good time all day, with only a few rigs breaking parts, and the occasional winch line pulled.  It turned out that the final obstacle, the Stair Steps would be the toughest of the day for most of the group.

    Sad to say, but my digital camera battery died some time around lunch, so I didn't get any pictures or video clips from the Stair Steps.  Also, since nobody knew how to use my digital camera, I don't have any pictures of my own truck.  Oh well, next time...


Video Clips with sound!

Note:  I am new to taking pictures & video with my camera, so it may take me a while to get it set right for the best shots, and the best resolution.


Video Clip #1 (10 seconds) Dwight Woodlee working on a rock section off the Black Muddy Road.

Video Clip #2 (12 seconds) Dwight finishing up that rock section with a few loud bangs and a little horsepower...

Video Clip #3 (5 seconds) not to be outdone by dad, Adam Woodlee uses those rear tractor tires to attack the muddy rocks.

Video Clip #4 (5 seconds) Steve Batten hits a wall - one that is taller than his 36" TSL/SX's

Video Clip #5 (5 seconds) Steve still trying that same obstacle, and the wall proves too much for him to make it.

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