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   I wanted boggers.  I didn't know how, or if I could actually get some, but I wanted them anyway.  I was planning on waiting until some time in early summer to purchases a set of 35x14.50 boggers for my truck, but I happened upon a good deal on these slightly used 35x16 boggers and couldn't turn them down.  I was worried at first that they would be too wide, but it turns out they look great and I don't mind the extra width at all.

    Since these tires would not fit on my 15x8 chrome wagons, I had to come up with some 10" wide wheels.  After some swapping, I managed to get a set of 15x10 Aluminum Outlaw II wheels from the local 4xStore.

    This did pose a few problems.  First, the wheels have 4" backspacing as opposed to the standard 3.5" backspacing that came stock on solid axle Toys.  I also found that the wheels would contact the calipers and not allow them to be bolted on.  For a temporary fix, I used some 1/4" spacers behind the wheels to get them to bolt on.

    After a few days, I realized that the sidewall of these wide boggers was contacting the drag link rod end of the passenger side HySteer steering arm.  To fix this, I ordered the AllPro front wheels spacer kit.  This kit includes a 3/4" spacer for each side, as well as longer studs for the hub.   With this kit, I have plenty or room for the boggers to turn, and the front track width is now closer to the same as the rear.

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