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Many of these links I got from the MN ToyX4's Toyota Links Page.  I have checked them all (as of 4/11/00) and only included the ones here that are working links and that I found to be interesting.

Toyota Bulletin Boards

The Toyota BBS on   

Personal web pages about Toyotas

Off Road Extreme (Tony Bartlet) Jay's Toyota 4x4 Web Page (Jay K.) CAZ's Toyota Page (Andrew Zook)
Big Jack's Toy Shed (Jack Bercaw) Joe's Locktup Toy (Joe Chacon) Ken's Toyota 4WD Site (Ken Emanuel)
Jim's Toyota 4x4 Page (Jim Brink) FOURWD 4Runner (Scott Wilson) "Killer Toy" (Wayne Foster)
Tankota (Steve Brown) Rock Runner (Chris Geiger) Black N Tan (Mike Fox)
Wil's BC Toy Page (Wil Girindra) Big 4xMan's Homepage (Dennis Hawn) Hoj's 4x4 Toyotas (Andrew Hojnowski)
Damage Inc. (Skye Jerolamon) Kap's Toy (Brian Kapinos) 4CRAWL'R (Roger Brown)
Aussie 5.0 4Runner (John Douglas) Rob's Toy 4x4 Page (Rob Robbins) Jack's Place (Jack Alford)
Militaryota (Mark Mandere) Jim's Tuff Truck Page (Jim Wilson) Toy4x4 page (Daniel Hobson)
Ken's 87 Toyota (Ken Johnson) "Everyday" Toyota (Barney MacNamara) Crash Site (Mike Kash)
BIG-ROC-DOC (Meres McCarroll) Tim's 84 Toyota (Tim Stucky) 4x4 & Off-road (Brian Weincek)
The 4x4 Page! (Jonathan Albrecht) Karl's 4Runner (Karl Bellve) Erik's Toy 4x4 Pages (Erik Bibelheimer)
Allen's 95 4Runner (Allen Dickenson) Thumper (Allen Jensen) Drew's 86 4Runner (Drew Persson)
BooRunner's Page (Ed Q.) Luke's Mall Runner (Luke Miller) Brian's Toy Page (Brian Rector)
Tim & Dama's Toyota Pages (Tim ???) Our Toyota Trucks (Jon Stewart) Shawn's Toyota 4x4 Page (Shawn F.)
Toyota Tech (Tobias Rice) Paranoid's Pages (Shane Hook) Jeff's 89 Xtra-cab Truck (Jeff Samler)
John's 4Runner Page (John Skaggs) Scott's 95 4Runner (Scott Drawz) D&C Auto Toyota Page (Chad Germer)
Arizona Runner (Mike Hershauer) Ryan's 4x4 Site (Ryan Comber) "Seabass" 82 Toy (Darren Sinkley)
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