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Over the years, I have taken some short video clips and included them here on my site.  Below you will find some of them.  However, with the growth of YouTube, it is easier to host longer and better quality videos there.  In the future, please check out my channel on YouTube for additional uploaded video clips. Thanks!



R/C Rock Crawling in the front yard - May 4, 2006

rockpile_050406.wmv - (12.7mb, 2 min. 7 sec. long) My Nylint R/C Scorpion RockCrawler playing on the rock pile in the front yard

Wheelin In The Country - March 5, 2005

Video Clip #1 witc03052005-007.mpg (1,168kb, 53 sec. long) Darron (WITC owner) playing on some ledges

Video Clip #2 witc03052005-008.mpg (336kb, 15 sec. long) Darron makes it up the ledges

Suspension Testing

Video Clip #1 testing1.mpg (199kb, 9 sec. long) Testing my 4Runner on a local farm

Video Clip #2 testing2.mpg (327kb, 15 sec. long) Testing my 4Runner on a local farm

Here's an "old school" clip an old friend sent to me from a trip to Tellico back in 1994.  This is my old blue truck, way before it was heavily modified, making the Trail #5 creek crossing.


Table Mesa, Arizona

Video Clip #1 AZ-trip-01v.mpg (496kb, 22 sec. long) A tube Toy working some AZ rocks

Video Clip #2 AZ-trip-02v.mpg (184kb, 8 sec. long) A Jeep working some AZ rocks

Video Clip #3AZ-trip-03v.mpg (1,216kb, 54 sec. long) Ever heard a propane powered, turbo'd Toyota?

Fun with an engine donor van and a dirt pile ;-)

Video Clip #1 vanfun-1v.mpg (368KB, 16 seconds) Just watch it...

Video Clip #2 vanfun-2v.mpg (120KB 5 seconds) And this one too...

Creek Bed #5

Video Clip #1 cb5-v-1.mpg (168KB, 7 seconds) Dwight come up one of the ledges in his Blazer.

Video Clip #2 cb5-v-2.mpg (120KB, 5 seconds) Dwight continues up the ledges.

Video Clip #3 cb5-v-3.mpg (592KB, 26 seconds) Brian Boyd plays on the same ledges in his Hybrid.

Video Clip #4 cb5-v-4.mpg (120KB, 5 seconds) Bill shows that a big block "cow-ma-flodge" Dodge can play too.

Video Clip #5 cb5-v-5.mpg (248KB, 11 seconds) Greg Fox uses his usual finesse to make it up the ledges, while pulling a tire off the ground... more than once...

Video Clip #6 cb5-v-6.mpg (296KB, 13 seconds) Dwight makes this HUGE ledge look easy (wish I had gotten the shot of him popping the rear up the ledge the same way!) 

New Year's Day @ "Wheeling in the Country"

nyd-1v.mpg - 488 KB, 21 sec. (360 degree panoramic movie clip of the hundreds of vehicles gathered in the staging area)

nyd-2v.mpg - 224 KB, 10 sec. (Peter's hybrid pulling up through a section in the ravine trail)

Christmas @ Beau's

christmas-v1.mpg - 296 KB, 13 sec. (Yellow Ford climbing, slipping, & sliding)

christmas-v2.mpg - 304 KB, 13 sec. (Flopped Land Cruiser winched back on all four tires)

christmas-v3.mpg - 168 KB, 7 sec. (Camo Scout climbs a muddy hill)

christmas-v4.mpg - 88 KB, 3 sec. (Blazer tries to make it out of muddy bottom with one front wheel turning - great sound!)

New Market Creekbed

Video Clip 1 (4 seconds) Climbing out of the creek

Video Clip 2 (8 seconds) Brian's Hybrid on the same obstacle

Pegram PowerLines

"Take 2" - a short clip (15 sec, 336k) of me climbing the last part of the waterfall

"Take 3" - a long clip (39 sec, 872k) of me climbing the whole waterfall obstacle

SFWDA Quarterly Meeting

Video Clip #1 (10 seconds) Dwight Woodlee working on a rock section off the Black Muddy Road.

Video Clip #2 (12 seconds) Dwight finishing up that rock section with a few loud bangs and a little horsepower...

Video Clip #3 (5 seconds) not to be outdone by dad, Adam Woodlee uses those rear tractor tires to attack the muddy rocks.

Video Clip #4 (5 seconds) Steve Batten hits a wall - one that is taller than his 36" TSL/SX's

Video Clip #5 (5 seconds) Steve still trying that same obstacle, and the wall proves too much for him to make it.

Testing at the Quarry

Flex Test (14 seconds) Just testing the flex of my Toy on a gravel pile near the quarry.


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