Wheelin' In The Country

August 5, 2006

I had made a few changes to the 4Runner (most noticeably swapping to 38x12.50 TSL/SX's) and my buddy Mike wanted to show a friend the trails, so we loaded up for an afternoon at Wheelin' In The country.  We started out on the ledges, then headed over to Cherokee Hill, then ran Slick Holler.  I had to head back home, but Mike continued to run a few more trails with a nice group of guys we met up with who were from Jackson, TN.

No major failures or problems showed up for either of us - which was a welcome thing for once.  I did find out my new (to me) SX's will barely flex even at 8psi, so I may end up running them around 4-6psi on the trail from now on just to get them to give some on the rocks.  I wasn't sure how I would like the change to a much more narrow tire, but I never found it to be a problem the entire ride.

Mike's buddy Steve snapped a few pics with his camera along the way...




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