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March 5, 2005

*Finally* I was able to get back out on the trail!  This would be my first real test run of my newly built 4Runner, and I couldn't wait.  On top of that - I was able to take my 4 year old daughter Gracie with me and I was in for an awesome day.

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Being my first trip out, and that I had my daughter with me, I decided to take it easy, and just see how the 4Runner would do.  I have to say - I was pretty happy over all.  Front & rear suspension worked great, especially the 3 linked rear and Air Shox.  Probably the biggest problem I found was the bigger tires and ARB in the front axle make steering a real workout.  Defiantly needed hydraulic assist steering to be added in the near future.  Also a lot more body than I was used to with my old truck and steel flatbed, but well worth it to be able to bring the whole family out on the trail.

About the biggest workout I gave it was on Cherokee Hill.  As you can see in the pictures, I wound up getting into a bind with the tree on the fence side of the hill.  A little creative side winching and I was out without too much body damage.

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A few more pictures, and some video clips...

witc03052005-004.jpg (62505 bytes) witc03052005-005.jpg (60700 bytes)

witc03052005-007.mpg (1,168kb, 53 sec. long) Darron (WITC owner) playing on some ledges

witc03052005-008.mpg (336kb, 15 sec. long) Darron makes it up the ledges


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