Wooly's Off Road Park

January 1, 2006

On January first the Middle Tennessee Trail Runners had a club ride at the Wooly's Off Road Park.  I didn't get to stay long or get many pictures - but here are a few the wife snapped of Chad's buggy (driven by his son) and my 4Runner on an obstacle they call "I-65".

NYD_2006_Woolys_06.jpg (400938 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_07.jpg (409088 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_08.jpg (388373 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_09.jpg (426700 bytes)

NYD_2006_Woolys_10.jpg (422891 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_11.jpg (411592 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_12.jpg (437584 bytes) NYD_2006_Woolys_13.jpg (430600 bytes)


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