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July 28, 2007

Looking to make some changes to my 4runner, I decided to take it out one more time as-is before pulling it back in the shop for some work.  MTTR had decided to make this our monthly trail ride - and we started with breakfast at Stan's.  Kelly and his son made it down for that, having to head back home to take care of some stuff around the house.  Continuing on the trail was Jerry & his daughter Becca in his Scout, Kenny in his CJ, and myself in my 4Runner.

We had a good day on the trail - having the trails mainly to ourselves with the ATV's and dirt bikes spending their time on the other trails more friendly to going fast.

We started the day by running "Taillight", where we quickly realized that that even though most of the trails looked dry, there was plenty of mud waiting for us at the bottom of most of the obstacles.  Being first in line had it's advantages today - since every following vehicle had to fight through more of the slime to get traction.

Next up we went back across the road and tried Cow Skull.  Jerry and I both made it up without much trouble, and I took time midway to play on one of the side obstacles.  Once again the mud made it hard to get lined up like I wanted and I had to back down and go around.

We then moved over and ran "Willie Make It".  The rocks and more mud in the bottom of the trail forced us to have to bump several obstacles just to clear differentials over the rocks.  Jerry had a front U bolt failure playing on one section - so we took a few minutes for him to make a quick repair with one of his spares.


We then made our way back to the pavilion to take a break from the 95 degree heat and sit in the shade to eat lunch.  Kenny had to pack up and head home after lunch, so Jerry and I made our way over to "I-65" to play on that for a while.  What actually ended up happening was I played on it for about 30 minutes trying to climb it just about every way possible - only to finally crest the top with my front tires and promptly rip the ears off my front Dana 60 short inner side axle shaft.  I winched myself to the top of the obstacle and that was pretty much the end of my day.  By then the heat was getting to all of us so we loaded up and made our way back home.


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