Wooly's Off Road Park

December 6, 2008

We took mike's new-to-him buggy down to Wooly's to meet up with TLB - Team Low Budget - from down in Morgan City, Alabama.  Frank in his 4runner with homemade dual case adapter and hi-steer arms, 38" TSL's and welded rear, and Jeremy and his Chevy powered Toyota truck with a welded rear and 28" TSL's.  Mike's buggy is an all Toyota drivetrain - 20r, 5 speed, dual cases, F&R w/ hydro steering, 38" TSL's.

All in all it was a good day.  Briskly cold and some sloppy mud to deal with - but we basically had the trails to ourselves other than some ATV's and several groups of side-by-sides.

Since these were maiden voyages for both Frank and Jeremy - they had a few bugs to work out early on.  Otherwise - both performed well all day.  We did have a few casualties for the day: 2 burped tires leading to blown beads, one bent rim, cooked TH350 trans, a crushed A-pillar & busted windshield, and a broken suck-down winch cable.


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