Solid Axle Swap

I know it has taken me a while, but in the following pages I will try to include as much informatin as possible on how I did my solid axle swap.   Although most of the modifications we done"on the fly" without a lot of hard measurements, I will try to backtrack where possible & include as many measurements as I can come up with.  Follow the links below to check out info on the different aspects of this swap

Front Springs IFS Removal Steering
Front Spring Hangers Front Shock Hoops & Shocks Vented Rotor Swap
Front Shackle Hangers & Shackles Tires & Wheels Hubs
Who deserves thanks?


Here are the pictures I took during the actual axle swap:

      swap007.jpg (32957 bytes)   swap008.jpg (30351 bytes)   swap009.jpg (33387 bytes)


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