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    While researching my axle swap, I really found a lot of info about different springs combinations that could possibly work for my Toyota.  Always interested in what I could make work, I began to compile as much information as possible.

    Let me begin by saying that these measurements are true as far as I have found.  If you have any different measurements or possible springs that you have used or measured, please e-mail me.  I would like to gather information on many varieties of springs and manufacturers.  Also, I must note: measure first!  Just because I say it works on this page, does not mean these are always right!  Like I said, if you find something different - let me know.

    Since I have come across more info than I originally thought I would, I have expanded this section to cover more and I have tried to organize it into a format that is easy to use.

Use the links below to view the associated information, as well as some notes and comments of my own.  If you have any information you would like to add, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I hope you find this informative & helpful in your projects!

Spring Specifications

Rancho Spring Specifications (From their 1998 Master catalog)

Pro Comp Spring Specifications (From their 2000 catalog)

Rancho Add-a-leaf Specifications (From their 1998 Master catalog)

Pro Comp Add-a-leaf Specifications (From their 2000 catalog)

Trailmaster Stock Replacement Spring Specifications (From their 2000 catalog)

Miscellaneous Spring Specifications (Various stock and aftermarket spring specs. - geared mainly towards Toyota use)

Shock Specifications

Rancho Shock Specifications (.pdf file - Needs Acrobat Reader to view)


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