Trail Rides

        So, all of these buildups and modifications - what about the trails?  Well, here are some pictures and videos from a few trail rides I have been on (and some that are sent to me), as well as some Miscellaneous Pictures.

WARNING! the following pictures are not just Toyotas!

SFWDA Dixie Run 2009 (10/2-10/4/09)
Mayhem Off Road Park (02/07/09)
Wooly's Off Road Park (12/06/08)
Gray Rock (04/25-04/27/08)
Wooly's Off Road Park (7/28/07)
Iron Gap (02/24/07)
Wheelin' In The Country (10/29/06)
Wheelin' In The Country (8/5/06)
Wooly's Off Road Park (1/1/06)
DSC02276.JPG (930134 bytes) All Pro Off Road Toyota Jamboree @ Tellico  (7/22-7/24/05)

Hosted on

witc_071605-08.jpg (232807 bytes) Wheelin In The Country (7/16/05)
Wooly's Off Road Park (7/2-4/05)
woolys_061805_0005.JPG (125233 bytes) Wooly's Off Road Park (6/18/05)
Gray Rock (3/18/05)
witc-030505-03.JPG (189218 bytes) Wheelin In The Country (3/5/05)
Wheelin' In The Country
Windrock Gathering (8/23/03)
The Falls (8/23/03)

Wheelin' In The Country

Table Mesa, AZ
witc-081102-02.jpg (60372 bytes) 8/11/02 Trail Ride (Hosted on the Wheelin' In The Country Site)

Rock Challenge Competition

bab_bam_on_ledge_at_lower2_gsmtr01_small.jpg (3399 bytes)


Creek Bed #5
New Years Day Ride

nmcreek-09.JPG (66590 bytes)

New Market Trail
The Pegram Power Lines
SFWDA Y2K 1st Quarter Meeting & Ride

quary02_small.jpg (3176 bytes)

Testing at the Quarry

1998 Operation Smile Charity Run at Land Between the Lakes
r99_3_12.jpg (70360 bytes) Rosser Rendezvous 99
bmgs_011_small.jpg (4095 bytes) Black Muddy Goat Squirrel Trail
Rosser97_12_small.jpg (3529 bytes) Rosser Rendezvous 97
telli022_small.jpg (4220 bytes) 2 Trips to Tellico
Cedars_10_small.JPG (2962 bytes) Cedars of Lebanon
lbl_01_small.jpg (5018 bytes) Land Between the Lakes
creek_06_small.jpg (3169 bytes) Up the Creek... Again
cowan_05_small.jpg (2495 bytes) Cowan - 2/20/99 


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