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    Here is where I will try to include some technical information not covered on some of the other pages I have put together.   This information will include modifications to my own vehicle, as well as my friend's vehicles, or other contributors.  I hope this is a good place to cover some areas not already documented on the web.



Low Profile Front Winch Bumper 84 Toy MRT Bead Lock Wheels 90 Toy
Custom Bed Bar 84 Toy Myth:16.5" Wheels & Safety Beads Universal
Custom Winch Bumper 93 Toy

Custom Tire Grooving & Cutting

4Runner Rear Tube Bumper 87 Toy

Recentering Hummer Rims

Richard's Rear Winch Bumper 88 Toy

H1 (Hummer) Rim Disassembly

Full External Roll Cage 85 Toy

H2 Hummer Rims/Tires on Dodge NEW

98 Dodge
Scout 800 6 Point Internal Cage Scout    


Body/Other Spring, & Shock Specifications Universal
Custom Steel Flatbed 90 Toy Custom Long Travel Front Springs 90 Toy
Custom Steel Flatbed (LWB) 80 Toy YJ 3.5" Lift Springs for Toy front 84 Toy
Custom Fender-less Flatbed 85 Toy Rear Buggy Leaf & Track Bar 85 Toy
Duplicolor Bed Liner Installation 84 Toy IFS Modifications 90 Toy
Bobbed Bed 84 Toy Custom F&R Coil Suspension 84 Toy
Xtracab Side Window Guards 84 Toy Custom Front Springs (SAS) 90 Toy
Richard's Bobbed Bed 88 Toy Custom Front Shock Towers 84 Toy
4Runner Rear Tube Body 86 4Runner Swaybar Disconnects 90 Toy
Solid Axle Swap 90 Toy
Engine/Transmission/T-case/Brakes Richard's Solid Axle Swap Pics 88 Toy
LC Engineering Header Install 90 Toy Ford Shock Mounts (SAS) 88 Toy
Magnecor Plug Wires (on OR.C) 90 Toy Rear Suspension Modifications 90 Toy
Low Profile Xfer Crossmember 84 Toy Custom Shock Hoops (SAS) 90 Toy
Dual "Crawler" Case Installation 84 Toy Dropped Front Spring Hangers 90 Toy
Custom 22R Air Filter Housing  83 Toy
12v CTD AFC Adjustment 98 Dodge Steering
Stock Proportioning Valve (LSPV) Removal 87 4Runner Toyota Crossover Steering Info (Outdated) Universal
Custom Crossover 'High Steering' 84 toy
Rear Axle Swap: Ford 9" into YJ 89 Jeep YJ Onboard Air
Front Axle Swap: Wagoner 44 into YJ 89 Jeep YJ Under Bed Air Tank 84 Toy
Replacement Birfields Universal Onboard Air and A/C 88 Toy
Spring Perch Center Pin Move 84 Toy
Pneumatic Rear E- Brake Setup 84 Toy Interior
Overall Width Calculator Universal '85 Factory bucket seats in a '90 90 Toy
CB where the ashtray was 90 Toy
Charts, Calculators, & Others Bench Seat Mod for Dual Cases 90 Toy
Gear Ratio Guide Universal
Cheap Tricks and Trail Fixes Universal Project Vehicles
Common Part Numbers Universal Project "Basket Case" Jeep
Various Tow Rig Fuel Mileage Charts Universal Project "4Trucker" Build-up 85/81 Toy
Project Vehicle Build-Up Spreadsheet Universal Project "Daily Driver" 87 4Runner
      MJP's Tube Buggy Project NEW 09 Buggy


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