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Here you will find log of every update or change I have made to the site from day one.  Check out the top ones for recently added items...

05/06/11 My Buggy Build Project begins!
07/02/10 Updated fuel mileage chart for my 1998 Dodge CTD - now with full records from 2003-2010!
06/10/10 Several more video clips added to YouTube Channel - be sure to check them out.
10/12/09 Pictures from the SFWDA Dixie Run 2009 - video coming soon...
08/03/09 A few pictures of MJP's Toyota based buggy that he purchased and has been tweaking over the last year or so...
08/02/09 A brief description of installing Hummer H2 rims/tires on my Dodge 2500
07/14/09 Something different... MJP's Tube Buggy Project
06/27/09 First look at my new ProBender.com tube bender - check it out!
02/07/09 Saturday trip to Mayhem Off Road Park for February Jam (pictures & video)
01/07/09 Updated the Video Clip page to reference that all future video clips will be uploaded to my YouTube Channel - check them out, several new ones already uploaded...
12/06/08 Saturday trail tide @ Wooly's Off Road
04/27/08 3 day weekend @ Gray Rock
01/23/08 A quick "How-To" on H1 (Hummer) Rim Disassembly
08/15/07 Updated MPG records for my 98 Dodge CTD
07/30/07 Saturday trail tide @ Wooly's Off Road
07/26/07 Updated Misc. Spring Spec Page
02/27/07 Updated my About Me page
02/24/07 Short trip to Iron Gap
10/29/06 Halloween weekend Ride @ Wheelin' In The Country
08/13/06 In-progress pics of a friend's Scout 800 roll cage.
08/07/06 Added a few pictures of a trip to Wheelin' In The Country from August 5, 2006.
07/13/06 Lost access to the site for a bit, but expect a few changes coming shortly!
05/05/06 New video clip in the Video Clips Section, this time - some R/C rock crawling action.
02/25/06 Just a little maintenance here & there - updating a few pages with new info, etc.  Trying to keep things accurate for you guys ;-)
02/22/06 I have added the ability to search the entire site using the Google search bar located at the bottom of the main page.  I hope it will help you use my site more effectively to find the info you need.  Also - I am playing around with some targeted Google advertising on the site.  It costs me several hundred dollars a year to keep this site running - and it has been up since 1998.  If this works out - maybe I can pick up a few pennies to help pay the bills - hopefully you guys won't find the ads too distracting or annoying, and might actually click on a few if you see something that catches your eye.
02/21/06 Added a few pictures from our MTTR club ride New Years Day Ride at Wooly's Off Road
10/21/05 Updated the 4Runner Specs page to reflect some new and upcoming mods, also - check out December '05 OFFROAD magazine for an article by Jay Kopycinski on the All Pro Toyota Jamboree @ Tellico, and a half-page pic of the 4Runner at the start of the article ;-)
08/04/05 Updated Parts For Sale page...
07/26/05 All Pro Toyota Jamboree @ Tellico - Full story and photo album
07/17/05 MTTR took a trip to Wheelin In The Country
07/04/05 Another day's riding @ Wooly's...
07/02/05 MTTR took a trip to Wooly's...
06/22/05 Added a few pictures from my brief visit to Wooly's Off Road Park
06/18/05 Added a new link to the Off Road Area Section, Wooly's Off Road...
05/17/05 A few pictures up from my recentered hummer rims, text to come later...
04/01/05 Added more pictures to Gray Rock trip report.
03/23/05 Trip report added from Wheelin In The Country March 5, 2005
03/20/05 Some pics from our club trip to Gray Rock (3/18/05-3/20/05) ORV Park in Alabama
12/14/04 Added a page with links to several ORV Parks, as well as fixing a few broken links
11/23/04 Updated 1998 Dodge CTD Mileage Page, now almost 1 full year of data!
11/14/04 Added some video clips to the Video Clips Section - 2 from earlier this year, one from 1994!
07/11/04 Added some pics from when we did a Rear Tube Body on Alan's 4Runner a few months ago...
07/10/04 Here's a short "how-to" on plumbing the stock proportioning valve (LSPV) out of your Toyota braking system.
05/27/04 New Product Reviews are up - check them out!  Custom 3 Link rear suspension, dual case crossmember, and T-case e-brake kit...
04/20/04 The 4Runner is *almost* ready - as can be seen on the home page!!!
03/15/04 With the 4Runner currently under construction, I am in the process of changing the site over to reflect it as the new trail rig, and moving "old blue" to "Previous 4x4" status.
03/06/04 Updated 1998 Dodge CTD Mileage Page, as well as the Future Modifications page
03/02/04 Time for some spring cleaning all over the site - watch for changes...
03/01/04 Updated  Tow Rig Fuel Mileage Charts page to include my 1998 Dodge 12v CTD.
02/16/04 Updated Parts For Sale page...
02/14/04 FYI:  I started building my 87 4Runner on Saturday - check out Pirate4x4.com to follow the progress!
02/11/04 Added a short tech write-up about how to adjust the AFC "Star Wheel" for fueling on 94-98.5 12 valve Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel engines
10/23/03 Added a section just for Product Reviews I have done
09/26/03 My first tube bending project is a 4Runner rear bumper
09/18/03 Some pictures from August 9 @ Wheelin' In The Country
08/26/03 I wasn't there, but how about some pictures from Windrock
08/25/03 Trial report from The Falls
07/10/03 Trail Report from July 5th @ Wheelin' In The Country
06/11/03 Updated Parts For Sale page...
05/20/03 Some extreme trail pics from my recent trip to Table Mesa, Arizona
01/27/03 Added new Tech articles, mostly (gasp) Jeep!
08/23/02 Added Tire Grooving and Cutting page (Pictures only for now)
08/11/02 Took the new trail rig out for it's maiden run - didn't take long to break ;-)
08/01/02 Picked up a new project vehicle tonight - oh the possibilities!
06/27/02 Feel free to download this spreadsheet to keep track of your project build-up costs - I find it very helpful...
06/08/02 Added Overall Width Calculator to help determine the width of different axle, tire, wheel, and backspacing combinations.
05/30/02 Added Tow Rig Fuel Mileage Charts master page - now includes 2 Ford V10's and a Cummins Dodge too...
05/29/02 Added page about Ford SuperDuty V10 Fuel Mileage
05/28/02 Added pictures from the Rock Challenge that the Middle Tennessee Trail Runners hosted on Memorial Day Weekend...
05/16/02 Updated Parts For Sale page, updated the Project "Daily Driver" page, and added some info to the flatbed page to help you guys out in building one yourself...
01/24/02 New Tech page - Defeating the Myth:16.5" Wheels and Safety Beads
01/23/02 Added new Tech page for a  Custom (Stainless) 22R Air Filter Housing...
11/19/01 More updates to the Parts For Sale page.
11/15/01 Major updates to the Parts For Sale page and the Future Modifications section!
11/10/01 Check out some fun with the 4.3L donor van in the Video Clips Section
08/08/01 I put up some pics from an  AA dual case adapter installation (text to be added soon).
08/01/01 Finally added a page for the Custom Off Road Parts I make & sell, also some minor cleaning up on a few other pages...
07/23/01 Updated Parts For Sale page...
07/16/01 Updated Parts For Sale page, also updated Future Modifications
06/18/01 The 83 Toyota has been sold, and replace with a new Project "Daily Driver" begins...
05/23/01 Some pictures I was sent from GSMTR '01 in Tellico
05/18/01 Just a few pictures & video clips from the Cowan Clean-Up Ride, My Guest Book is fixed, and I just added a Search Engine to this site!
05/09/01 Finally!  The 1985 bucket seats are installed in my 1990 truck!
05/07/01 My 83 Toyota 4x4 Project "Daily Driver" is for sale - check it out.
03/19/01 See our new baby girl! (born 3/7/01) Updated the Spring Swap Info with more to come...
03/04/01 Updated the  Parts For Sale page, as well as my Future Modifications section, and some editing and additions to a few pages in the Tech Info section.
02/04/01 Just picked up a partially dismantled 94 Xtracab Toy - check out my Parts For Sale page to see what I have.
01/29/01 Trail report from Creek Bed #5 is up.  I have also added some pictures from Charlie's Flatbed and David's Flatbed too.
01/27/01 Added a page just for viewing all of my Video Clips, as well as some pictures sent to me of a reader's full external roll cage.
01/26/01 Updated Toyota Crossover Steering Information Page.
01/18/01 Text added for Low Profile Crossmember project.
01/16/01 Preliminary pictures are up for Trevor's custom Low Profile Crossmember Text should be added in a few days.
01/16/01 Added parts to the commonly used part numbers page.
01/08/01 Categorized the Tech Info section to try & make it easier to find info about specific categories - let me know if this is helpful.
01/01/01 Happy New Year!  2 new Trail Reports added (One from New Years Day, both with pictures and video clips).
12/30/00 Project "Daily Driver" begins...
12/15/00 Added some specifications to the flatbed page.
12/11/00 Removed some "sold" items from the Parts For Sale page.
11/29/00 I just signed up for the Top4x4sites.com listing - be sure to vote for me by clicking on the link.  Also be aware you can get to my site through the normal www.tennessee4x4.com/toyota link, or you can start using www.4x4spot.com to get here.  I also updated my friend's rig section with new info on Trevor's truck.
11/27/00 Updated Toyota Crossover Steering Information Page.
11/11/00 New tech articles:  Duplicolor Bed Liner, Pneumatic Parking Brake, a Custom Low Profile Front Winch Bumper, Trevor's Custom "High Steering" Crossover Conversion, and a general Toyota Crossover Steering Information Page.
10/13/00 Updates to Trevor's Rig Modifications and a possible change for Project "Basket Case" in the form of a CJ8 frame and body is now in my possession...
09/21/00 Even more additions to the Parts For Sale page
09/19/00 Added a page for Trevor's Custom Bed Bar, and more additions to the Parts For Sale page
09/18/00 Pics from Trevor's Bobbed Bed project, 4Trucker's flatbed is started, "BearTruck's" page has moved, and major additions to the Parts For Sale page...
08/27/00  Project "BearTruck" updated with more pics and modification list (removed)
08/24/00 Added trail report for New Market Trail and Project "BearTruck" (Removed)
08/16/00 Updated Project 4Trucker and Trevor's Rig Stats
08/15/00 New!  Project "Basket Case" begins! (Toyota purists may want to steer clear...)
08/13/00 Added a page with commonly used part numbers.
08/06/00 Trevor and I got to hit the trails at the Pegram Power Lines
07/28/00 My MRT Bead Lock Wheels are finally going on my truck!
07/26/00 Added my site to the Japanese 4x4 WebRing, look for a tech article on my beadlocks soon!
07/22/00 Updated Parts For Sale page, Added a new page about my latest front springs, and I FINALLY put my 35" Mud Kings (pic1)(pic2) on so I can mount my boggers on my new beadlock wheels!
07/20/00 Added a new page full of Cheap Tricks and Trail Fixes, I am in the middle of another front spring swap, and once I am done I will report on what pack I am using and how it works.
06/28/00 Started a page about swapping 85 Toy bucket seats into my truck here.
05/23/00 Updated and added to the Parts For Sale page - now with pictures.
05/22/00 Added info about Replacement Birfields that are Available through EOR.
05/18/00 MRT beadlocks are here, should be on the truck within a week.  Seat covers are on order for the 1985 Toyota bucket seats I will be installing in my truck.  Click Here or the link on the main page to vote for my site as one of the Top 50 4x4 Sites on the web.
04/24/00 Added pics from Project 4 Trucker build-up, and Trevor's Vent Window Guards
04/19/00 Added more info to the Spring Swap Info section.  My A-Z links page is now over 325 links.
04/18/00 Added pictures of a custom front & rear coil suspension 85 Toyota to the Tech Info pages.
04/17/00 Snapped some pictures of my truck on an RTI Ramp.
04/14/00 I have been busy!  My 4x4 Links A-Z now has over 210 links, and I am still adding to the Toyota Links Page as well.  Check out my new house if you want, and see some new pics of Michael's Toyota with a fresh solid axle swap.   Also, look for the banner at the top of every page for the latest news about the site.
04/13/00 Added 4x4 Links A-Z page (Over 50 and more to come!)
04/11/00 Updated Toyota Links Page (Now with over 40 personal Toyota Pages!)
03/24/00 Added a pic of the complete package - Bronco, trailer, & Toy to the Misc. Pictures page.
03/16/00 Updated Parts For Sale page - lots of parts there that need a good home :)
03/05/00 Added Trip report from SFWDA 1st Quarter Meeting & Trail Ride (pictures and video clips!)
02/29/00 Added pics to my Tech Section of a custom winch bumper I saw today.
02/22/00 Added more pics of the flatbed.
02/04/00 Just a few pics of us playing & testing at the quarry on SuperBowl Sunday.
02/01/00 Flatbed is finished (for now...), Also custom long travel shock towers on a friend's Toy.
01/05/00 Updated several parts of the Tech Info section, as well as added some new articles - lots of good info added, check it out!
12/14/99 Added a page to let you know what Future Modifications I have planned or am already working on.
12/06/99 Added Friend's Rig, Old Trail Report to LBL(2/98), & pictures of the  playground for 4wheelers!
11/01/99 Just some general updating in the following areas: Tech Info, Guest Book, & Toyota Links.
10/05/99 Updated Main Page, Moved all modifications to the Tech Info section, and updated Parts For Sale section.
09/14/99 Added page on Spring Specifications for different springs to be used for custom spring packs.
09/08/99 Added some Tech Info (Moved swaybar disconnects here), and a picture of Me.
07/29/99 Added info for Solid Axle Swap.
07/21/99 I dropped my Future Modifications page in favor of a new section called Miscellaneous Tech Info.  This new page has it's first article, Onboard air & A/C on an 88 22RE.
07/16/99 New format for cover page
06/28/99 Added 2 more Friends Rigs, a Toyota & a Suburban, both very well built!
06/25/99 Added info for Solid Axle Swap.
06/15/99 Rosser Rendezvous 99 pictures are up - 3 days of trail riding
05/11/99 Added more Solid Axle Swap pics, as well as pics from my first trail ride with the solid front axle
05/05/99 Added Friends Rigs section, Future Modifications section, and added some Toyota Links
04/28/99 Added pics from Rosser Rendezvous 97
04/27/99 Updated Parts For Sale section Updated rear springs, Solid Axle Swap pics added, Updated Truck Statistics, Added pics from Tellico, LBL, & Cedars of Lebanon in the Trail Rides Section
03/30/99 Parts For Sale section added
03/07/99 IFS modifications
02/22/99 Cowan in February trail ride pictures & text
02/18/99 Up the Creek... Again trail ride pictures


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